Houses in Trebbiantico

W.R.C. S.r.l.
Trebbiantico, Pesaro
2004 / 2008
Gross floor area
3190 mq

Construction of a building complex consists of fifteen units with detached typology.
The shape of the lot subject of intervention, the intervention of the requirements of Technical Standards, the need for optimization of the interior spaces, have prescribed a careful analysis of the possible solutions of the project, looking for one that mediate needs of technical-functional, with those formal.
Will the project was not only to create a residential complex that would satisfy all the technical and functional requirements, but also to create artifacts that through their "form", albeit simplified by the limits of space and prescribed mainly by the distances between the buildings, you diversificassero by "schemes" formal to which we are accustomed. such information / requirements have suggested to distribute the units on three separate parts of the building.
The three buildings were placed on a common plane and are arranged in parallel between them what to try and match the morphology of the land in question. Even the shape of the shell, to a single sloping, follows a protention downstream.