Turismo d'Italia

The charm of history and enchantment of present.
Sophisticated, elegant, the crowning glory of most traditional italian hospitality. Palazzo Castri 1874, in the heart of Florence, is a boutique hotel that preserves and amplifies all charm of history .

Publication: 2016
pp. 25/28



Historical stay.
The project of mdca studio for a florentine hotel rispects and exalts the original plan through balanced chromatic and material contribution.

Publication: 2015
pp. 68/71

immagine 1

Il Commercio Edile

Contemporary elegance.
In the suburban city of Pesaro a new office building is the result of a perfect and efficient partnership between client, architect and supplier.

Publication: 2015
pp. 26/29

designplaza 17

Designplaza 17


Flexible and open spaces to provide multiple display capabilities. The floors are dematerialized by large cuts that give visual depth.

Publication: 2010
pp. 146/153

report case 01

I CONCI report CASE 01

Renovate with style_shades on continuous background.

family house
Restructuring project: mdca, michele della chiara architetto.

Publication: 2009
pp. 56/65


L'onda sulla torre

Proposal for a museum of the sea in the island of Capraia.

Fausta Casarini, Michele Della Chiara, Giorgia Manfredini
Arch. Assistant Mauro Bonaccorsi

University of Florence
Faculty of Architecture
Course of Furniture and Interior Design.
Prof. Arch. Lorenzo Cremonini
Academic Year 1992/93


Galleria Spazio Tempo - Florence
12 / 21 May 1994

Palazzo re Enzo - Bologna
26 March / 9 April 1994

Polytechnic University of Milan
June 1994


L'acqua racconta

Problems of contemporary architecture.

Florence and Milan two courses
a confrontation of the relation of the interior urban space, by Lorenzo Cremonini;

Alinea Editrice - Year 1994