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michele della chiara

Michele Della Chiara was born in Pesaro in 1969 into a family of furniture producers, developing strong inclination for interior design.

While studying at Florence University School of Architecture he collaborated to many exhibitions with his professors and worked in some architectural practices.

He graduated with honors in 1995 with a project for a theatre in Pesaro. After his graduation he worked with several offices providing full architectural design services:

residential and public buildings, interior, urban and boat interior design.

In 1999 he set up “mdca studio”, is own office in Pesaro, making use of his skills acquired.

Since then he has been improving his knowledge by attending many specializations courses: restoration techniques, sustainable architecture, renewable energy. His diverse built portfolio includes private houses, apartments, hotels, offices, retail facilities and public spaces.

mdca studio


practice profile and philosophy

mdca - michele della chiara architetto is an architectural practice founded by Michele Della Chiara in 1999.

From years it is concerned with architectural design at various scales, from design to interior design, from domestic architecture to urban scale; in each sector operates with the same enthusiasm and desire to combine creative thinking in a efficient professionality.

Cover the entire lifetime of the project

The office employs, strong of many different skills and  specializations, coordinate and develop all aspects of the project, to achieve the best value and the architectural quality.

Answer to client desires, implement a scrupulous control

The studio operates to answer punctually the needs of customer.

The development of detailed and accurate design concepts at all scales, involves the client from the beginning of the conceptual work, up to the end of the intervention. 

The studio pursues technological, environmental and economic feasibility of each intervention, through a planned process: feasibility, concept design, estimation of maximum cost, final design, executive design with the search for the best technological solutions to be adopted, detailed cost estimates, as well the careful review of the implementation phase in the yard, all in the pursuit of total quality and compliance with the budget.


Coordinate external experiences to give unity to the project

The studio usually coordinates external specialist consultants in the areas of structural design, engineering, landscape and environmental and graphics, in order to manage and control the project in its entirety with the same diligence.
Projects and accomplishments ranging in many areas: interior design, residential architecture, tertiary and commercial, landscaping.

Search identity of spaces

The studio work has always focused on the research of the highest architectural quality.
Search for materials, use of natural light, artificial control of that, constant attention to detail and a deep interest in the dialogue between architecture, environment and inhabitants are the ingredients used to create spaces and recognizable places, with clear function and identity.

Impart energy to new places

The studio places at the base of each work a project concept that brings together a lot of knowledge in an indivisible unicum, inseparable because both the multidisciplinary approach in an attempt to give new energy to the contexts in which it operates, in line with potentialities often unexpressed of the places themselves, especially in the case of "transformations".